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What we can tow ?

Cars, Utes, and Motorbikes

No matter what model or size, we can help you relocate your car, ute or motorbike quickly and efficiently. Our towing trucks are ideal for both long and short distances and our drivers are experts in transporting your vehicles safely.

Race cars
We have a specialised towing service for race cars to ensure they are transported securely and safely with no damage. No matter the distance, you can trust our tow truck drivers to relocate race cars in a safe and reliable manner.
Machinery and Tractors
Machineries are often heavy and given their size, they can be a hassle to relocate. With our advanced dual axle heavy trucks, you can put your worries to rest. These tow trucks are specifically designed to move heavy machinery such as construction equipment and farm machinery across long distances securely.
Site sheds and containers
Don’t know how to move your site shed to another location? Our trucks are more than capable of transporting your sheds, containers, toilet blocks and other portables. These items may sound bulky and difficult to transport, but with our large tow trucks, they are completely hassle-free.
Caravans, Boats and Trailers
Has your holiday been ruined because your caravan, boat or trailer broke down? It doesn’t have to be that way. Our truck drivers are always on standby and will get to you as fast as they can, no matter the location. It doesn’t matter how long your vehicle is, we are here to help. They will tow your caravans, boats or trailers to a repair shop as quickly as possible so that you can switch back to holiday mode and continue to enjoy your vacation. It doesn’t matter how long your vehicle is, we are here to help.
Any Vehicles
We can tow any car at any time. We also tailor our towing service to your vehicle’s needs and adjust safety requirements accordingly.